1st Stage filtration



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1st Stage filtration

The 1st Stage Filtration can be done in a number of ways depending on the condition of the beer from cold store (maturation). Ideally the beer should be as bright as possible from maturation, but this is not always the case.

Kieselguhr or Diatomaceous Earth is a common filter aid (powder) used in the first stage of beer filtration. This filter aid, added directly to the beer prior to passage through a frame filter press, traps the small yeast particles thus stopping them from blinding the filter surface. This is commonly used where condition time is limited and large volumes of beer require filtering quickly. Carlson offer a range of complete kieselguhr filtration systems designing dosing rates and kieselguhr type to suit the specific beer requirements.

Where the conditioned beer quality is higher the use of loose kieselguhr addition is not required. In these instances Carlson's range of filter media, impregnated with kieselguhr, can be utilised directly in a filter press or in a lenticular module format. Carlson will design this into a total filtration system or as a specific beer filter to meet your requirements.

For small volumes or particularly bright beer, from conditioning, Carlson can supply specifically designed cartridge filters for this first stage of filtration.

The beer will typically be held in a bright beer tank at this stage prior to different route to packaging.