Olive Oil Filtration

Olive Oil filtration

Olive oil is a complex product. The objectives in the production of a high quality oil are to retain all the essential components, including stability and to avoid the defects. Whilst the earlier production stages strive to achieve this, final olive oil filtration plays an important part.

Advantages of oil filtration

  • Filtration improves the overall quality of the oil by first eliminating suspended solids
    These solids give the oil a hazy look and with time form larger sediments that can be seen in the bottom of the bottle. These solids can lead to anaerobic fermentation giving off aromas and higher acidic levels. If the oils are used in frying the solids will burn leading to smoke and of tastes.
  • Another benefit of filtration is the reduction in moisture content. Moisture in the oil gives a dulling affect and also assists in forming sediments from impurities in the oil.
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