Spirits Filtration


Spirits Filtration

Spirits such as whisky, vodka, gin etc are complex liquids which differ greatly depending on the raw materials used and/or the fermentation, distilling, blending and maturing techniques employed. Production of these spirits is often considered to be an art rather than a science. Filtration of whisky especially, either single malt or blended types, is vital to ensure life, stability and good clarity. To this end the removal of hazes and the precursors to haze formation, is particularly important. Consequently, the steps used in filtration of different types of whisky, including chill filtration as appropriate, require careful control and correct choice of filter equipment and media.FILTROX Carlson Ltd is highly regarded for its expertise in the area of whisky filtration and has developed a number of high performance filter sheets specifically for the industry. Download PDF

Craft Distilling

Craft distilling is an art form in its own right presenting specific challenges to the distiller. As can be seen from the download,FILTROX Carlson Ltd can also offer solutions to this sector of the industry.

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