Syrup Filtration




Sugar Syrup Filtration

The W2N support sheet should be used in conjunction with a plate and frame filter press to remove all powder and particulates from treated syrup, please read below for more detail.

Typically for this application, 0.5% or even more of kieselguhr is added to the syrup as a filter aid and prior to batch filtration, 500 grammes per square metre of filter plate area is applied as a pre-coat in treated water. Sugar syrup filtration flow rates vary according to conditions, e.g., viscosity and sugar quality etc. High quality, relatively dilute sugar syrup made be filtered at 950 litres per square metre per hour. On the other hand, flow rates as low as 300 litres per square metre per hour may be possible with high concentrations of syrup containing activated carbon and kieselguhr

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