Wine Filtration


Wine Filtration

Wines have been produced for thousands of years with increasing levels of sophistication. Whilst Carlson cannot claim to have been around since day one, it does bring over 90 years of filter media development, production and supply experience to assist the wine maker in achieving the key goals of clarity, physical, microbiological and chemical stability for their wines. Carlson can justifiably be regarded as amongst the leaders in this field.

Physical stability involves the prevention of the formation of hazes and of post-bottling deposits which affect the wine's appearance whilst microbiological stability requires the elimination of yeast and bacteria which can destroy the wine's taste.

The chemical stability of wine ie the removal of heavy metals, proteins (white wines only), polymerised phenolics and oxidation products, is normally achieved by use of suitable fining agents followed by filtration whilst tartrates are typically removed by chilling followed by filtration.

Filtration can require 3 stages ie Primary, Intermediate/Fine, Final/Sterile.

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