Primary Filtration




Primary filtration

Primary Filtration using kieselguhr (KG) powder can be carried out in traditional plate and frame filters using Carlson's W2N specifically designed support sheet on which the KG filter cake is built or using candle or horizontal leaf filters. This filtration stage is normally carried out after first racking or ageing has been completed and removes the bulk of coarse particulate including fermentation yeasts. Typical KG addition rates are between 40 and 120 grammes per hectolitre dependant upon the condition of the wine. The W2N sheets, which are manufactured from natural fibres incorporating food grade wet strength resins to provide the wet strength required during the process, are normally pre-coated with one or two layers of clean powder giving a typical total pre-coat of 800 to 1200 grammes per square metre of available filtration area.


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