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Lenticular Module

Specification for 12” lenticular module

Module Diameter: 288mm +/- 2mm
Quantity of filter cells:
Nominal filter area:
16 (standard) : 9 : 2
1.8m2 : 1.0m2 : 0.2m2

Specification for 16” lenticular module

Module Diameter: 401mm +/- 2mm
Quantity of filter cells:
Nominal filter area:
16 (standard) : 9 : 2
3.6m2 : 2.0m2 : 0.4m2

Specifications applicable to both 16” and 12”

Compressed module height
Including 2 flat gaskets : 272 +/- 2mm : 165 +/- 3mm : 52 +/-3mm

Matrix, end cap, sealing ring : Material :-
Natural Polypropylene.

Outside sealing of filter discs : Complete and regular injected
polypropylene outer seal of filter discs.

Materials: Fixing straps : 304 stainless steel (standard) or hastalloy or polypropylene.

Flat gaskets : Silicone (standard), nitrile, PTFE Viton or EPDM.

O-ring seal : Silicone (standard), EPDM or Viton.

Scrims : Non woven polyester

Sheet Filtration

Key to Sheet Filtration diagram

OP = Outlet pipe
IP = Inlet pipe

Two Stage Sheet Filtration

Key to Two Stage Sheet Filtration

OP = Outlet pipe
IP = Inlet pipe
EC = End Cell