EE Filter Sheets

EE Range

Carlson has specially developed this all cellulose range of media for a number of specific applications, particularly for filtration of high viscosity liquids and for controlled absorption and emission abilities. The EE series of filter sheets is manufactured in thicknesses ranging from 1.00 to 4.60 mm and in high flow rate versions.

Manufactured from high quality 100% bleached cellulose fibres, the EE series is available both in normal and high wet strength versions depending on the required application. Because these sheets are made as an all cellulose grade they have very low metal and ion extractables. The high wet strength grades are excellent for filtration of viscous liquids, even at elevated temperatures, e.g sugar syrups.

The standard products find uses as extremely absorbent wicking materials in such diverse applications as diagnostic kits, air fresheners, insect repellents and insecticide units.

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