W2N Filter Sheets

W2N Filter / Support Sheet

Carlson has developed a support sheet for the retention of filter aid which has been applied both as a pre-coat and as a body feed to the unfiltered product.

Specifically designed for this type of application, the W2N sheet provides a number of important benefits.

The support sheet is manufactured from pure cellulose incorporating carefully chosen wet strength resins within the cellulose matrix, it has a high wet strength and is very durable. This allows the sheet to be used time and time again, so minimising costs.

The pore size distribution of the sheet is carefully controlled so that there is an even build up of the filter cake on the sheet. This ensures that filter capacity is maximised and that there is minimum risk of bleed through of even the finest of fines, whilst minimising the pressure drop through the filter.

The sheet is very tolerant of pressure transients during the filtration cycle because the formulation used in its manufacture, coupled with the manufacturing process, produces an extremely durable yet flexible sheet.

The sheets are available as folded or single sheets to fit virtually any of the filter press sizes and types currently in use.

The W2N filter sheet acts as a support for filter aids which include: kieselguhr, perlites, activated carbon, polyvinylpolyprrolidone (PVPP) and other specialist treatment powders.

Due to their high strength, W2N sheets have also found important applications within the diagnostic and absorbent related industries.

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