XE Filter Sheets

XE Range

The Carlson XE range of products comprises a comprehensive series of high performance filter sheets designed to meet the needs of a range of specialist applications.

All filter sheets within the XE range are formulated with several important benefits in mind:

  • To achieve superior filtration capabilities in conjunction with excellent wet and dry handling characteristics  - achieved by incorporating an advanced blend of selected and processed bleached cellulose fibres combined with non-hazardous filter aids and approved resins
  • To ensure compatibility with beverages and food products - achieved by using only selected compliant raw materials
  • To ensure that the different grades can be used in the same filter press configuration and seal thickness - achieved by manufacturing to carefully controlled thickness specifications
  • To reduce edge leakage to a minimum - achieved through the special XE filter sheet formulation and processing conditions.

XE filtration sheets are widely used in the filtration of products where they give outstanding clarity and stability combined with long sheet life and integrity.

Typical applications of the XE range include filtration of wines, beers and lagers where long life, sterility, stability and clarity are essential. Similarly, XE products have found wide acceptance in the filtration of syrups for soft drinks, gelatines and cosmetics.

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