Trial & Laboratory Equipment

Carlson can provide a range of equipment to assist in product development / laboratory testing through to small volume production.

This includes:
Disposable Mini Capsules which comprise a 6 cm disc of any grade of filter media – including all grades of carbon impregnated media – encapsulated within a transparent PA housing.

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6 cm housings both “in-line” and with a 300 ml reservoir. The “in-line” housing is also available as part of a “kit” including peristaltic pump, piping, beakers and discs. It is possible to hire the kit for short term laboratory use.




10 cm CarLab 100 housing with 2300 ml capacity reservoir. The housing is suitable for operation at 1 bar pressure and provides 0.068m2 active filtration area.

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CarLab 200 is a 2 sheet filter providing 0.65m2 effective filtration area. Inlet and outlet chambers are manufactured from AISI 304 stainless steel. It comes equipped with 1 chamber for a maximum of 2 sheets sized 20 x 20 cm. Maximum output per hour is 65L with a maximum working pressure of 4 bar.

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