Lenticular Filters


Lenticular Filters

Incorporation of depth filter sheets in Lenticular module format means that Carlson customers can enjoy the advantages of efficient, economical filter media in a robust, stable, non-compressible module. Modules and housings are available in both 12inch and 16inch diameter. Carlson can incorporate all of its media grades in this format.

Carlson has incorporated a number of important design features in the CARLENT module range. The advanced design of the polypropylene separator discs and sealing rings promotes a more even liquid flow within each cell. This in turn reduces the pressure drop across the filter module, leading to longer filter life and longer filtration cycles plus more consistent filtrate quality. Pre-compression during manufacture to precise dimensions eliminates the need for heavy re-tightening down procedures. Optimum performance is achieved without reliance on operational procedure.

Heavy duty non-woven polyester outer scrim gives improved resistance to back pressure shock and much improved back-washing capability in addition to the provision of an appreciable degree of pre-filtration prior to the depth filter medium.

Lenticular filter module housings

Carlson lenticular filter housings are available in 12" and 16" diameter, single or multi-module versions, either free standing or multiple skid mounted to suit a wide range of applications from laboratory and pilot scale to large scale continuous production.

The housings are designed to house 1,2,3 or 4 modules - 12" or 16" diameter - with flat gasket or double o-ring bayonet adaptor. All internal parts in contact with the liquid to be filtered are mechanically polished to a high degree (roughness < RA 0.8um) enabling ease of washing and sterilisation during cleaning operations and are also compliant with health and sanitation standards. The bell housing locking system is secured by bolt clamps which allow for quick release but also provides security if the housing is not vented properly when opened.

The housings come complete with drain and sample values, sight glass, vent valve and pressure gauge assembly as standard.

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